PERSONAL: How I Gained Friends In One Night

I think one distinct thing about Pinoy culture that I really love would have to be the process of gathering a bunch of friends over a couple of beers, chilling, and talking to each other -- commonly known as tagay.

Growing up, I've seen my uncles gather around over drinks -- laughing and spending their time talking about their lives. Beer happens to be a staple in any of these gatherings. I've had numerous of wonderful and crazy moment spent over beer and tagay and I honestly don't even know where to start!
So, like the many stories I've shared in this blog, I am here yet again to share another honest-to-God Lance De Ocampo moment! It all began with a bunch of friends and a few bottles of San Miguel Light...

Like the root of many tagay sessions, this tagay session began with a problem that needed a solution -- and that solution was beer. I believe that tagay sessions have 3 main causes: celebration, heartache, and loss. This tagay session was mainly conducted because I wanted to release my stress over this problem I had in school that kind of just escalated, and I needed my friends to be there for me. There's something about beer that warms you and makes you feel like you're being embraced by this huge comforting blanket.

Upon arriving to our usual hang-out spot, my friends have already gathered and I was just ready to let go and release the tension. However, I noticed that my friends brought their friends and made this tagay session into something bigger which made me feel uncomfortable. I initially just wanted quality time with my friends and I didn't know how to be around new people. So the night went on and after a couple of beers I noticed I started letting myself go. It felt very freeing and liberating and I found myself talking to this friend of a friend that I have never met before but found myself pouring my heart and soul to such listening ears! The funniest part was that he could relate to what I was talking about.

It's crazy how a complete stranger can become your friend over a few bottles of beer. Sobrang #MahabahabangInuman because I felt like I had all the time in the world to talk to anyone and everyone without feeling the urge to pass out. The confidence levels I get after a few drinks ... I can't even. After a few hours, I noticed that these strangers eventually became friends and my friends became even closer friends. I really had to step out of my comfort zone and become the most extroverted version of myself that even my friends up to this day keep laughing about the things I've done and said during that night! I can easily say that the stress I felt over my problem gradually dissipated and I felt restored just by talking to them and making new friends.
Even if my story didn't play out like Tom Rodriguez and Joseph Marco's San Miguel Light super relatable commercial where it involved distinguishing whether a girl is into you or not, I think San Mig did still its job in bringing that mahaba-habang inuman effect in my group of friends.

If you wanna know what super relatable San Mig commercial I'm talking about, watch it here: LINK
Jacket - H&M
Shirt - Straightforward
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Adidas


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  1. That's a very compelling story Lance! I truly enjoyed every part of it. And you do look good in your photos. I just wonder where did you pick those clothes you are wearing. They do look great on you.

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  2. Pretty sure these photos were taken in Temple of Leah in Cebu. Wish to have been there during your photoshoot. I'm a long time fan and we've been friends on your old FB account. Too bad you're no longer using it. Hope to see you in Cebu. :*

  3. Good article, you sharing is awesome, love it!



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