Solution To My Hair Problems:

Being a blogger it is part of my job to be constantly updated with the latest trends in fashion. I love scrolling through Instagram and seeing what the latest styles are. Of course, my look would not be complete without styling my hair as well!

I stumbled across this YouTube channel called OFF THE PAGES which talks about the latest trends in beauty, hair, and fashion. They recently posted a video talking about the hairstyle called "The Fade". I've seen this type of hairstyle all throughout social media and I personally think it suits my style since it makes me look more clean-cut. 

This hair trend has me feeling much more conscious about my scalp since the Fade basically exposes my scalp as part of the style. Trusting my shampoo, I felt so much more confident in sporting this hair style. The Fade definitely matches my style! Also, it has been so convenient for me since lately it's been really hot here in the Philippines and having this type of hairstyle makes it more comfortable for me to go about my day, given that I go to school on a daily basis. 

In order for me to achieve any kind of hair style, it is important to have healthy hair and a clean scalp. I usually deal with the typical annoying scalp issues that men experience throughout the day such as having a dry and itchy scalp. It's just not the most comfortable thing to go through especially in this weather.  Given that I am meticulous with my skin, I also like to show some love to my scalp since my scalp is skin too! 

You see, the benefit of using Head & Shoulders is that its Tri-Action Formula cleanses protects and moisturizes the scalp to give it the care it deserves. I can fully attest to the wonders that Head and Shoulders has done to my scalp and i can say that I feel so fresh throughout the day! Using Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol has got me feeling so fresh and clean, that it feels great after every shower -- from when I start the day up to when I end it. And I usually end my day by working out at the gym so using Head and Shoulders really has me feeling relaxed and refreshened! 

Thanks to Head & Shoulders, I am able to confidently pull-off the scalp-baring Fade look and still manage to stay fresh! 

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  1. Head & Shoulder is the only solution that I've tried with my hair and scalp problem. And I can say that H&S really works in preventing dandruff and scalp dryness.

    Thanks for sharing, Lance.

    --- Clint Mamuri |


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