PERSONAL: Things To Let Go Of Before 2017

1.) Let go of toxic people

Let go of the toxicity that they bring into your lives. You are only given a good number of days to live your life so choose to live it with the right people. The thing about life is that people have the never ending capacity to change. Sometimes we grow out of friendships and relationships, and sometimes we must recognize when these relationships don't work for us. Sometimes the growth of these people damage us in the long run. It is difficult to cut ties ultimately, but we must realize that clinging on to these types of relationships will hinder our ability to grow. 

2.) Let go of the idea of change

Change is terrifying. It's uncomfortable to deal with the fact that things or people can't ever remain the same. There are situations where we want to hold on to, thinking that the more we hold onto these moments, the more we'll be contented. But the truth is, holding on will only leave you stagnant and unmoving. Learning to accept and embrace change will give you so much room for opportunity to take risks and to learn more about yourself. 

3.) Let go of overthinking everything 

Overthinking is a guilty pleasure that we never really know how to let go of. It consumes us and has us thinking the worst things. As if our minds physically pulled us through this dark hole of 'what ifs'. This isn't good for you. This develops paranoia. Life is always going to be filled with 'what ifs' and you have to learn when to free fall and take the risk. You can't be in control of every aspect in your life and that's okay. Take control of what you can, and let go of what you can't. 

4.) Let go of the lack of reciprocation

You deserve people who put effort into you. You deserve people who equally reciprocate the time and effort you put into maintaining the relationships you have with them. You need to understand that by not receiving the amount of energy you put into them it will just have you feeling empty and unsure. You are too valuable to live your life half-loved. 

5.) Let go of regrets 

Let go of the things you failed to do. You cannot allow yourself to dwell in regrets. You are human and you must give yourself room for error. Life is a process of committing mistakes, but it is also a process of learning from these mistakes. It's okay to mess up and to not have your life together. Let go of dwelling in the past, and focus on who you are right now, and who you will be in the future. 

Inspired by this thoughtcatalog article :)

Photos by: May Leuterio


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