Twenty One

About a week ago *cue Hot Nigga song*, I finally turned 21. I am now onto the next chapter of my life where I should start figuring out what do with it. The question is, am I really ready to face this new chapter? Because I'm physically and mentally unprepared. First, I'm still stuck in college (one more year!!!). Second, I don't have any savings yet, I don't know where to work after college, should I be a full time blogger? Should I move to Manila or maybe abroad? So many questions and planning on my mind right now. Man, I really don't know what to do yet. #LOSTINLIFE #MILLENNIALPROBS

But I guess it is normal to have these dilemmas in life at this age because I'm still young and new to this grown up world. I'm pretty much sure I'm not the only one who's struggling with the same problems right now, right? I am just grateful and truly thankful to be surrounded by positive-minded people who don't stop supporting me and my dreams and guiding me all throughout(you know who you are!)

Being 21 feels like I'm a new person. I mean, I get to do a lot of things like go to clubs with your real ID, go on an adventure by yourself, talk like an adult, act like an adult (which I'm doing my best because I'm still immature af), and more adult stuff because I'm actually one now...or at least trying to be.

It's just sad knowing that I'm no longer a teenager (20 is still considered a teen, okay!!!). I'm obliged now to get more government related stuff which I really hate because lining and waiting in crowded places are my pet peeves! Adult-ing is my worst enemy.... But yeah, life is good so bless up! Lol

I just wanna give a huge shoutout to Montebello Villa Hotel for letting me do a photoshoot in their beautiful garden! To anyone in Cebu, I highly recommend Montebello as a place to just unwind and chill with your friends!

Also, stay tuned because I'll be blogging my birthday weekend party up next! ;)

Photos by: May Leuterio


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