Searching for the right kind of coffee is like searching for the right outfit that fits my lifestyle. Coffee comes in all forms and types, and finding the right type of coffee can be challenging and exciting at the same time. But for me, the answer is easy – Kopiko 78 fits my lifestyle like a glove.

As a student, Kopiko 78 has gotten me through tough deadlines and long nights. What makes this the coffee for my lifestyle is that it gives me that jolt of energy that really helps me push through the day.

I guess anyone and everyone can relate to the struggle of fighting against sleep when you’re trying to beat a deadline! Well, Kopiko 78’s caffeine kick really got me through those moments of struggle.

Kopiko 78 is made from the finest quality coffee and the reason why it’s called “Kopiko 78” is because it is brewed and extracted at exactly 78 degrees which is said to be the perfect temperature for emphasizing the rich flavor of the coffee. How awesome is that?

Personally, I like my coffee with cream so it has the perfect milk-to-coffee ratio. The milk really accentuates the taste of the coffee and it balances it out just well enough, so it goes well with a light snack!

Also, not to mention the fact that it comes in a handy bottle so I don’t have to worry about spillage. I can bring it with me anywhere and it just makes handling it super convenient.

There are days where my energy levels are just so low and I can’t manage to keep myself awake, so I usually resort to Kopiko 78 to keep me recharged and ready to get through the day. I love having a bottle of Kopiko 78 just right after breakfast, so I can start my day with the right amount of energy that I need to power through.

Tell me how you guys #laban through your day with Kopiko 78 in the comments section below! I’d love to hear your stories!


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