How To Balance School And Blog

It's September again and I'm turning twenty one in a few days. I can't believe it's already Ber months—my favorite season. More reason for me to layer clothes. Lol

Anyway, this post is all about how to balance school and work(since I consider my blog now as my job/work) or basically how to survive college while working.
1.)  Time management

Time management is probably everyone's struggle. Trying to manage both school and keeping up with a blog is actually quite difficult. I know what you guys are thinking, how hard could posting things online be? I mean we're basically online everyday so how hard could posting a blog be? Well! It's hard trying to find time time to shoot, edit and post the photos especially if you're the one editing on your own. So, what I like to do is  I like to make a schedule for myself. Ever since I got myself a planner, it has been so much easier for me to schedule my blog posts and organize a schedule per post. This also helps me keep track of schoolwork and important schedules to prevent them from coinciding from my other priorities. Get yourself a planner and it will change your life! 

2.)  Focus on Your Goals 
Setting goals for yourself is highly important. This gives you a sense of direction and helps you get motivated especially when its hard to find motivation and inspiration. By categorizing my long term goals and my short term goals, it helps me stay focused on what my aim is. Focus on what you want to reach in blogging -- whether it is influencing your readers, expressing yourself, or finding a new medium for your creativity, then that in itself is a good foundation for your goals. When it comes to school, you also need to focus on what you want to achieve, academically. Education is really important and knowing that you prioritize education can help you in the long run. However, once you start excelling in your blog you must not forget about your obligations in school. Stay in school kids! 
3.)  Learn to Prioritize 

Prioritizing is fundamental when it comes to balancing a blog and school. You have to know which task needs to be the top priority. For example, if finals coincide with a deadline in your blog, you have to know how to adjust yourself because prioritizing the wrong thing will lead to a lot of consequences. 

4.)  Know What You Want

Knowing what you want can give a strong definition on what you want to achieve in your blog. This can also apply to your mindset school. By defining what you want to achieve in both aspects, this can make it easier for you to produce consistent output. It's highly important to maintain consistency so you won't lose track of the purpose of your blog. Also, knowing what type of blogger you are is key. You need to know if you want to have a photography blog, a fashion blog, a motivational blog, or whatever you want to blog about! The blogging umbrella is huge and you can literally do anything you want especially if it is inline with what you are passionate about. Blogging with passion really makes the maintenance of the blog so much easier. 
5.)  Make Time for Yourself 

Lastly, treat yo self! Everyone needs a break once in a while and its important to know when you need to rest. Overworking can cause a lot of stress and I know how much I HATE FEELING STRESSED! So give yourself a break, go out with friends, unwind, eat good food, or any form of medium where you feel relaxed and at ease. 

So with these tips, I hope you learn something from how I try to balance my blog and school. Comment down below and share your stories. I'd love to hear them!

(Photos by: May Leuterio)


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  1. Hello. Off topic. But may I ask anong hair product ang ginagamit mo? Wax? Pomade? Which brand? Thanks. Bw, good looking as always.

    1. Hi there! I use loreal hair wax and finesse hairspray :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Derick! Here:
      Jersey Jacket: F21
      Shirt: Oxygen
      Jeans: Cotton On(D.I.Y)


  3. Hi Lance, I am a fan of fashion bloggers, specially a fan of yours. Someday, I also want to become one. But I think it doesn't fit me, because first of all I am fat and like you I am also a student but with my just enough allowance so I can't afford clothes that will probably look good on me and on photos. I hope you can give me some advice 😊 Thank you

    1. Hey P,

      Honestly, I used to be fat but I worked hard to achieve all my goals. I go to the cheapest gym nearby, I run outdoors, and diet lang. But you know what, don't stop chasing your dreams just because you're fat or you don't like the way how you look. Always remember that some people doesn't have legs to walk, eyes to see, and hands to work. Feel blessed! ;)

      Just find your own style, find the clothes that you're comfortable with and just be confident. In the end of the day, all you got is yourself right?

      I didn't start naman with very expensive clothes. I even learned how to thrift shop because I really wanted to be a blogger but I don't have enough clothes to wear and to post. I even have thrifted boots before and a thrifted leather jacket and more. You don't have to wear expensive and branded clothes to be a blogger. If you have the style and confidence then you're good.

      Never give up, luv. :)

  4. Advance Happy birthday ��������

  5. Thank you so much Lance! Your advice really inspired me to reach for my dreams. You're not just pogi, but you really have a good heart. It's a privilege to have a word from you :) Continue to inspire a lot of people. I'll be forever your blog reader. You have a bright future ahead, God bless! Love you <3

  6. Hi Lance.

    Do you know what? I am really relating to this article of yours. In fact, this article can really help me. But as a graduating student; study first. I hope I can talk a blog with you. Really admiring and idolizing you.

    1. Hi Clowper,

      Awwe that's sweet. And yep, will keep that in mind. Hope to meet you soon! :)


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