From Top of The Rock to Justin Bieber Concert

Two weeks ago, I was given the chance to watch Justin Bieber live at Madison Square Garden. Watching a Justin Bieber concert and watching a concert at the Madison Square Garden has always been in my bucket list, you can only imagine how ecstatic I was! So when I read the email, I directly cleared all my schedule and responded 'yes' right away. That's like hitting 2 birds with one stone, right?

Before anything, I would just like to share a piece of my past that is relevant to this wonderful experience. I cringe just thinking about it but #neverforget who you were right? So drum roll please...

 I used to be a HUGE fan of Justin Bieber 6 years ago... Don't laugh. I mean, he was cool, he had swag, he can dance, sing and act as well. I strongly aspired to be as talented as him to a point where I wanted to be just like him. I felt like the biggest fanboy! I constantly tweeted him and sent him DMs, hoping that one day we'd actually be friends. I know! My ambitions were too high. Unfortunately, he followed my younger sister instead, and she barely did anything to get that follow. All she did was sit on the couch and tweeted him, "I love you!" The nerve.

Anyways, have any of you guys heard of the brand Supra? It's a shoe brand that Justin Bieber heavily collects and I freaked out when I found the exact pair that Justin wore in a store in New York. Me, being the young adolescent self that I was, basically begged my Mom to buy me the pair.

When Justin started dating Selena Gomez (take note, she has been my crush since '09), thats where my fanboy level went from 100to 40 real quick. I trusted him. He was my brother! HOW COULD HE! I honestly felt like I have been betrayed by my own kind. LOL either way, up to this day, Justin Bieber still stands as one of my most admired artists in the industry. His taste for fashion and his music have always been respectable for me, heck some of my outfits are inspired by his.

Reminiscing all of my fanboy moments got me laughing so hard. How embarrassing! But nonetheless, this is a dream come true and this experience is something 2010 Lance would thank 2016 Lance for. #blessed

So here are some of the photos I took during the day of his concert. For those of you planning to go to New York, I highly encourage you to go to the Top of The Rock! In contrast to the Empire State Building, the viewing deck of the Top of The Rock has you overlooking the city in this gorgeous panoramic view. It's worth the investment and the photos you take there are a lot better than the kind of photos you'd get from the Empire State Building. It's worth the investment and is a definite must-see for any tourists dropping by New York.

A huge shoutout to Smart for flying me to New York to cross these 2 bucket list items of mine!

Happy to announce that I'm one of the ambassadors of Instax Wide 300 :)

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