This year has been a roller coaster ride for me. So many good and bad things happened—most of were good. I've lost so many friends, I've lost so many opportunities and I've lost so much money because of food. LOL This post is dedicated to those people who've stayed and who always have been there for me. I know thanksgiving has passed but I just wanna thank you, yes you, for staying and for believing in me and for supporting me all through out the years. I wouldn't be able to reach this far if not because of you and your endless support. 

I was going through my old posts on my instagram and in my old blog and I can definitely say that a lot has changed in my life. It's been 5 years since I started joining the world of social media. I didn't start as a blogger, I started as a Twitter and Facebook "sensation". Not to brag but 2010 was my year. I can still remember seeing my name on Trending Topics everyday, nonstop mentions on my Twitter account and hashtags with my name all over social media. I even used to use the name "Jabboo" before to protect my real name because my Mom got scared when everyone started to dig my private life and start giving away my address and that was the time when kidnapping was rampant. A lot of people got curious if why do I have a lot of followers and how did I become, you know, "famous". I mean, I'm just a normal kid from Mindanao who lives in a small town and who would've thought, even my family, that my name and photos would reach Luzon area. Honestly, I didn't expect this to happen in my life. My only dream was to live in New York and build a family there but then this happened.

I couldn't imagine myself right now if I didn't start my blog. I literally grew up sharing my life through my social media accounts. 5 years? Wow. That's a long time. I just hope that in those years I inspired a lot of people and changed so many lives to become a better person. Until now, I'm still in an awe in what's happening in my life. I still can't believe I'm inspiring so much people. I'm just so thankful to the Lord for giving me so much blessings more than I deserve. To my Mom who's already up there, thank you so much for guiding me. They say mothers know best, you may be not here physically to give me pieces of advice and help me with my career, I can still feel the love and care that you want to give me right now. To my sponsors, thank you so much for trusting me and for making things happen.

To my dearest followers/readers, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I owe everything I have to all of you. I hope you will still support me and go with me in my journey in the near future. I love you all so much. You are all like a family to me. I wanna share more about my life but I'm sad to say that I have to end it here. For now, check out my new style post and hope you will like it.
Outfit details: Jacket(21Men) | Necklace(21Men) | Shirt(Topman) | Jeans(Cotton On) | Watch(Daniel Wellington) | Shoes(Adidas)


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