Shades Of Blue

For the past few days, my taste have changed. I'm reducing dark color palette ensembles to light ones. I've been obsessing with blue or any type of color blue lately. The color is just too relaxing for the eyes and it's also super chill even on a hot weather. I used to love blue. It was my favorite color back then when I was still a kid, until now it's still my fave but when I started appreciating black, it became my new favorite. Blue and black has similarities. It's so easy to pair with anything and you can wear it in any occasions. For me it's the safest palette that you could wear on a daily basis.

Anyway, I posted this outfit weeks before already and I just had the time to post it now here on my blog. Again, another style post that is involved with stripes. I told you it's my new thing! LOL This denim jacket is my all time favorite. I like it how it's stretchable and how the blue and white combined with each other. Isn't nice? It's extremely comfortable.
If you are planning to wear outfit with 2 color palettes only, always remember to wear a shoes that has different color. But don't choose a color that is out of nowhere that will not suit your top. All the colors should blend in. Why different color? To avoid flatness and vapidity to your whole look.
Outfit details: Denim jacket from Guess, Shirt from Giordano, Jeans from Topman, Shoes from Nike


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  1. the outfit is good, but some pics minimizes your actual height. I mean, your 6-foot tall, right? why not use it? You can select better angles to maximize your length.PEACE!

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  3. Great outfit and nice inputs as always. I noticed that your message is very direct which makes it a bore reading. If you could use a more inviting and more fashown words, it'll help. And also, the spacing of the words before and after the photo, the format gives so much focus on the photo than the message. Well, it's just my opinion. God Bless!


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