Masskara Festival 2015


A week ago, I went tp Bacolod for the first time to experience Masskara. Last year, my friends and I were planning to go to Bacolod for Masskara, but we had to cancel it because of school. School has been my enemy ever since but you know what they say, set your priorities first. Well anyway, this will be a long ass post because I'm gonna be sharing you guys what really happened during my whole trip.
I went to the airport as early as I can because I don't wanna experience what happened last Kadayawan(I wasn't able to catch my flight). It's my first time to visit Bacolod and I got so excited what the city has in store for me. I arrived at the airport an hour early for my flight. I waited and then my plane landed also 15mins early so I guess it was a good idea to go at the airport early. Walking on the way to the plane feeling uneasy, excited, anxious and kinda worried because I always hear from other people that you really can't leave the city without gaining weight(cries). I really don't know what to feel. All I know is I'm finally boarding and Bacolod, here I come!!
I really have no idea that Vern and I was on the same plane going to BCD. It was really funny that I found out lang that we're on the same plane when Yeg made a group chat informing us that we might arrive earlier than them. So when we landed, I texted Vern right away to meet with her at the baggage claim area. So there, a photo of us! LOL We were the first ones who arrived in the city.
This is the part that I really love and hate at the same time! First things first, chicken inasal. I'm not really a fan of pecho/paa. But this one's exempted. I swear, BCD has the best inasal ever. You can even add chicken oil to make it more juicier. Also, the garlic rice was really cheap. I can't live there. BCD is too fattening for me. Hahahahaha But yeah, inasal at Chicken House is a must try. It's located at Art District.
After eating inasal, we went straight to our hotel to freshen up and rest for a bit for that night's shenanigans. I fell asleep til 7pm and I woke up reading a text from Vern inviting me to have dinner with Ben while waiting for the others. So yeah, we went to SM because we don't know where to eat and it is the safest place to have choices where to eat. We ended up eating at Hukad, it's a Filipino restaurant. We were so hungry that we weren't able to take a photo of the food that we ordered. LOL

After eating like a pig at Hukad(because we ordered like good for a barangay). Vern and I were craving for dessert and beside Hukad was Felicia's. Felicia's also famous in BCD. They also make the best pastries. All I said to myself after seeing the heaven behind that glass was, I'm just gonna cry while eating them.
LOOK AT THAT! It's so good and also fattening! Can I eat them all without gaining weight? :(
I forgot what I ordered basta it was caramel. T'was really good. So after having dinner, Yeg from Smart texted us that they've landed na so we went back to the hotel to change and meet up with them for Love Dance.
I've heard a lot of comebacks if how fun Love Dance is. Good thing Love Dance was sponsored by Smart. The feeling was like Sinulog but a bit different. We arrived at the location and people welcomed us with a smile and good vibes. In that moment, I sensed that it's gonna be a fun night, and indeed it was.
The crowd was very wild and very cooperative. Everyone seems like they're really having fun.
Of course, Ace Ramos killed it, as always.
First day was really fun! Then now we're bound to day two! If day one was pretty crazy, day two would be even more crazy. Everyone woke up really late. Literally late, like around 12nn. But I woke up early because I was feeling under the weather. I can't stop sneezing. Maybe because of the small rain from first night. Also Miko, my roommate, wasn't feeling well and woke up early so we decided to have breakfast to make ourselves feel better and more energy.

So when the others were finally up, we took a bath, changed and met up with them at the lobby and the Smart Masskara team is finally complete. LOL Everyone got hungry because they weren't able to have breakfast and also Miko and I got hungry too(baboy life). So we went to a seafood restaurant that is also famous. My family and friends really know how I hate seafood except fish and scallops. But I can't complain because majority loves seafood. Haha good thing, they also serve pork and chicken. I felt safe na. The seafood was the first one they served so it's the only food lang na I was able to take a picture because we attacked the food right away after taking pictures.
After eating lunch, we went straight to witness the colorful parade. We were a bit late because we didn't know that the parade's gonna happen on that day. Those are the only photos that I have. Good thing they put Smart at last part. LOL
After the parade, we went right away to Lacson to eat Calea(AHHHHH). When we arrived there, music are already playing, people with colored powder are already walking down the streets, vendors that are selling masks were everywhere too, and the street is starting to get crowded. We took photos for a bit then Calea afterwards.
FINALLY! Calea! I've been hearing a lot of good feedbacks also about Calea. To be honest, after looking at the displays, I really don't know na what to get. So I let them order for me and they almost ordered everything and I'm not even complaining(baboy life talaga). Everything tastes really good. Like legit good. 100% good! If only they'll put up a branch here in Cebu, Calea would be the next starbucks for me. Just look at that. LOOK. I can't stop staring at the photo and feel my mouth watering. Ahhhhhhh. I can finish them all in an hour, not even kidding!
After having food coma, we went out to enjoy the festival. It got even more crowded when we went out from Calea. I really like how everyone's having fun and smiling after getting thrown by colored powders. Everyone's taking selfie and so lively, young youth are dancing and singing, everything was just super entertaining and enjoyable. It is indeed the most colorful festival in the country.
I like the idea of how locals and tourists can paint different colors to this wall that Smart Bro made. Brilliant idea and very artsy.
Watching people passing by having so much fun from the Smart Store truck.
And the night has arrived. The most intense and wild night during our whole trip! We arrived at Masskara Invasion super late around 10:30pm because everyone got tired and fell asleep after what we did the whole day(got tired of eating I guess). EDM songs are playing, people are dancing everywhere, screaming, laughing really hard with their food and drinks. And everyone got hyped up because of the energy of the crowd.

Good thing Smart booth has a charging station for everyone because it's gonna be long night of taking pictures and videos. We needed more battery life to make good memories.
Top DJ's of the country, like Martin Pulgar, Nix Damn P, Inno Naguit started spinning and the crowd got even more intense and wild. Rain or shine!
It was one for the books! Thank you so much Smart for making my first Masskara and Bacolod experience unforgettable and extraordinary and also for bringing me and my blogger friends all together. You guys are the best! See you all on Sinulog? Then LaBoracay? LOL But the whole trip wasn't that satisfying because someone's missing in action, my crush, Verniece. HAHAHAHA kidding(half meant). But still, thank you guys so much! I missed traveling with my Smart fam. Til next time!

Don't forget to leave a comment below! Hope you had fun reading my whole Bacolod trip. It was really fun while it lasted. :)


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  1. Good thing you guys enjoyed Bacolod! See you next year! :)

  2. Nice entry! How tall are you exactly L?


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