Outfit details: 
Jacket, ring and necklace from 21Men
Top from Zara
Jeans from Cotton On
Shoes from Urban Superior

Don't forget to comment below and tell me what you think! Thanks! :)


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  1. Wow thats my fav. Shots!!! All of the photos was very good better best --- "@officialgino"

  2. Wow thats my fav. Shots!!! All of the photos was very good better best --- "@officialgino"

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  4. Yeah Right! I totally agreed to Wendsy and Gino. You really nailed it dude! Well honestly I always browsing in your Blog site to grab some Fashion Ideas and Luckily I think I'm doing it right. LOL! looking forward for your more Shots and Tips dude. Thanks!!!

  5. Hey there. This is my first time to actually read your blog but I always loved your style and when reading some of your posts I thought that you really do understand MENFASYOWN. You have lots of inputs and ideas and I love it. The photos though are OKAY. I mean these photos are the photos blogger usually publish. If I were to suggest, I'd say you do a more fun kind of shoot. You can try being edgy like that of a high fashion shoots or just make it more lively, not just standing and posing, just to be different. But that's just my opinion. Great work though. Well, thats it for now. Looking forward to more posts from you. - xoxo

  6. Fun-tastic! Thank you for all the inspiration, kudos! Keep it up idol!

  7. the photos are good together with your outfit. do you have a photographer? or are you using a tripod and timer? you would look in your best form if you're with a good photographer.


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