Giordano's New Location


I've been a huge fan of Giordano ever since because of their classic and very unique pieces. This is the only brand that sells basic clothes that I would actually wear on a daily basis. This is really a trustworthy brand. And also, what I like about Giordano is you can be very edgy and look classy at the same time.

Last month, they opened their new location at Ayala Center Cebu. The new face of the store looks sophisticated. And not to mention, they have a good lighting inside. You can actually take a good quality selfie. LOL

Giordano really has everything. From street style to formal.

I really like it that they have Korean inspired clothes now. I really like Korean outfits. You can really pair everything with anything without even worrying if it looks good.

With my fellow bloggers.

What can you say about the new look of the store? Cebuanos, what are you waiting for? Visit them at the Ground Floor of Ayala Center Cebu across Metro Dept. Store.


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