I think one distinct thing about Pinoy culture that I really love would have to be the process of gathering a bunch of friends over a couple of beers, chilling, and talking to each other -- commonly known as tagay.

Growing up, I've seen my uncles gather around over drinks -- laughing and spending their time talking about their lives. Beer happens to be a staple in any of these gatherings. I've had numerous of wonderful and crazy moment spent over beer and tagay and I honestly don't even know where to start!
So, like the many stories I've shared in this blog, I am here yet again to share another honest-to-God Lance De Ocampo moment! It all began with a bunch of friends and a few bottles of San Miguel Light...

Like the root of many tagay sessions, this tagay session began with a problem that needed a solution -- and that solution was beer. I believe that tagay sessions have 3 main causes: celebration, heartache, and loss. This tagay session was mainly conducted because I wanted to release my stress over this problem I had in school that kind of just escalated, and I needed my friends to be there for me. There's something about beer that warms you and makes you feel like you're being embraced by this huge comforting blanket.

Upon arriving to our usual hang-out spot, my friends have already gathered and I was just ready to let go and release the tension. However, I noticed that my friends brought their friends and made this tagay session into something bigger which made me feel uncomfortable. I initially just wanted quality time with my friends and I didn't know how to be around new people. So the night went on and after a couple of beers I noticed I started letting myself go. It felt very freeing and liberating and I found myself talking to this friend of a friend that I have never met before but found myself pouring my heart and soul to such listening ears! The funniest part was that he could relate to what I was talking about.

It's crazy how a complete stranger can become your friend over a few bottles of beer. Sobrang #MahabahabangInuman because I felt like I had all the time in the world to talk to anyone and everyone without feeling the urge to pass out. The confidence levels I get after a few drinks ... I can't even. After a few hours, I noticed that these strangers eventually became friends and my friends became even closer friends. I really had to step out of my comfort zone and become the most extroverted version of myself that even my friends up to this day keep laughing about the things I've done and said during that night! I can easily say that the stress I felt over my problem gradually dissipated and I felt restored just by talking to them and making new friends.
Even if my story didn't play out like Tom Rodriguez and Joseph Marco's San Miguel Light super relatable commercial where it involved distinguishing whether a girl is into you or not, I think San Mig did still its job in bringing that mahaba-habang inuman effect in my group of friends.

If you wanna know what super relatable San Mig commercial I'm talking about, watch it here: LINK
Jacket - H&M
Shirt - Straightforward
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Adidas

Being a blogger it is part of my job to be constantly updated with the latest trends in fashion. I love scrolling through Instagram and seeing what the latest styles are. Of course, my look would not be complete without styling my hair as well!

I stumbled across this YouTube channel called OFF THE PAGES which talks about the latest trends in beauty, hair, and fashion. They recently posted a video talking about the hairstyle called "The Fade". I've seen this type of hairstyle all throughout social media and I personally think it suits my style since it makes me look more clean-cut. 

This hair trend has me feeling much more conscious about my scalp since the Fade basically exposes my scalp as part of the style. Trusting my shampoo, I felt so much more confident in sporting this hair style. The Fade definitely matches my style! Also, it has been so convenient for me since lately it's been really hot here in the Philippines and having this type of hairstyle makes it more comfortable for me to go about my day, given that I go to school on a daily basis. 

In order for me to achieve any kind of hair style, it is important to have healthy hair and a clean scalp. I usually deal with the typical annoying scalp issues that men experience throughout the day such as having a dry and itchy scalp. It's just not the most comfortable thing to go through especially in this weather.  Given that I am meticulous with my skin, I also like to show some love to my scalp since my scalp is skin too! 

You see, the benefit of using Head & Shoulders is that its Tri-Action Formula cleanses protects and moisturizes the scalp to give it the care it deserves. I can fully attest to the wonders that Head and Shoulders has done to my scalp and i can say that I feel so fresh throughout the day! Using Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol has got me feeling so fresh and clean, that it feels great after every shower -- from when I start the day up to when I end it. And I usually end my day by working out at the gym so using Head and Shoulders really has me feeling relaxed and refreshened! 

Thanks to Head & Shoulders, I am able to confidently pull-off the scalp-baring Fade look and still manage to stay fresh! 
1.) Let go of toxic people

Let go of the toxicity that they bring into your lives. You are only given a good number of days to live your life so choose to live it with the right people. The thing about life is that people have the never ending capacity to change. Sometimes we grow out of friendships and relationships, and sometimes we must recognize when these relationships don't work for us. Sometimes the growth of these people damage us in the long run. It is difficult to cut ties ultimately, but we must realize that clinging on to these types of relationships will hinder our ability to grow. 

2.) Let go of the idea of change

Change is terrifying. It's uncomfortable to deal with the fact that things or people can't ever remain the same. There are situations where we want to hold on to, thinking that the more we hold onto these moments, the more we'll be contented. But the truth is, holding on will only leave you stagnant and unmoving. Learning to accept and embrace change will give you so much room for opportunity to take risks and to learn more about yourself. 

3.) Let go of overthinking everything 

Overthinking is a guilty pleasure that we never really know how to let go of. It consumes us and has us thinking the worst things. As if our minds physically pulled us through this dark hole of 'what ifs'. This isn't good for you. This develops paranoia. Life is always going to be filled with 'what ifs' and you have to learn when to free fall and take the risk. You can't be in control of every aspect in your life and that's okay. Take control of what you can, and let go of what you can't. 

4.) Let go of the lack of reciprocation

You deserve people who put effort into you. You deserve people who equally reciprocate the time and effort you put into maintaining the relationships you have with them. You need to understand that by not receiving the amount of energy you put into them it will just have you feeling empty and unsure. You are too valuable to live your life half-loved. 

5.) Let go of regrets 

Let go of the things you failed to do. You cannot allow yourself to dwell in regrets. You are human and you must give yourself room for error. Life is a process of committing mistakes, but it is also a process of learning from these mistakes. It's okay to mess up and to not have your life together. Let go of dwelling in the past, and focus on who you are right now, and who you will be in the future. 

Inspired by this thoughtcatalog article :)

Photos by: May Leuterio


About a week ago *cue Hot Nigga song*, I finally turned 21. I am now onto the next chapter of my life where I should start figuring out what do with it. The question is, am I really ready to face this new chapter? Because I'm physically and mentally unprepared. First, I'm still stuck in college (one more year!!!). Second, I don't have any savings yet, I don't know where to work after college, should I be a full time blogger? Should I move to Manila or maybe abroad? So many questions and planning on my mind right now. Man, I really don't know what to do yet. #LOSTINLIFE #MILLENNIALPROBS

But I guess it is normal to have these dilemmas in life at this age because I'm still young and new to this grown up world. I'm pretty much sure I'm not the only one who's struggling with the same problems right now, right? I am just grateful and truly thankful to be surrounded by positive-minded people who don't stop supporting me and my dreams and guiding me all throughout(you know who you are!)

Being 21 feels like I'm a new person. I mean, I get to do a lot of things like go to clubs with your real ID, go on an adventure by yourself, talk like an adult, act like an adult (which I'm doing my best because I'm still immature af), and more adult stuff because I'm actually one now...or at least trying to be.

It's just sad knowing that I'm no longer a teenager (20 is still considered a teen, okay!!!). I'm obliged now to get more government related stuff which I really hate because lining and waiting in crowded places are my pet peeves! Adult-ing is my worst enemy.... But yeah, life is good so bless up! Lol

I just wanna give a huge shoutout to Montebello Villa Hotel for letting me do a photoshoot in their beautiful garden! To anyone in Cebu, I highly recommend Montebello as a place to just unwind and chill with your friends!

Also, stay tuned because I'll be blogging my birthday weekend party up next! ;)

Photos by: May Leuterio

Online shopping has always been a huge convenience for me especially when I've been looking for clothing items or products that I can't find in local malls -- or for when I simply am just too lazy to get out of my house. I feel like we can all relate to the many wonders that online shopping brings. By just scrolling mindlessly in online shops, you can find what you've been looking for and have it delivered to your home just with one click. 

As a menswear blogger, I would like to share a couple tips when it comes to online shopping. 
1.) Make Sure It's Legit

I can't stress enough how important it is to make sure that the site you are on is legitimate. In this day and age it is easy to get scammed by sellers so make sure you check the legitimacy of the site that you are on. 
2.) Size Charts Make Life Easier

Shopping for clothes online can be such a risky task because you never know whether or not they'll fit you. I highly recommend you go to sites that have a size chart because this makes estimating the fit a whole lot easier. If ever you are unsure of the size you want to purchase, at least get a size slightly larger than your actual size so you can just alter it and have it fit you better. 
3.) Quality Control

Have you ever seen that meme online where a girl ordered a dress on E-bay because the photo used on E-bay looked really nice but when the dress arrived, it was this cheap knock-off version of what she expected. O diba, minsan kase sa buhay di tayo dapat masyadong mag expect... Haha! In all seriousness though, be sure to check the quality of the product you are about to purchase. Quality is everything. 
4.) Be Inquisitive

There is nothing wrong with asking too many questions, especially if this involves you investing your own money into a product. Don't be afraid to contact the seller and ask for details if you are unsure of your purchase. It's highly important to get to know what you are buying before you buy it. I know, impulse buying gets the best of us sometimes, but if you do plan on purchasing gadgets or other pricey products, then make sure to be as inquisitive as possible!
5.) Track Your Package

Always be sure your package is on the way to the right address! Most online shops give you the package and courier details so you can track the location of the package. 
So there you go! My top 5 go-to tips when it comes to online shopping. What makes online shopping so much easier for me is the use of the new MySmart app! This app is amazingly convenient to all Smart subscribers! With the MySmart app it is easier for prepaid subscribers to buy eLoad, so you'll never run out of data when you online shop. You can shop anytime and anywhere, keep track of your Smart account, and more. 

Download the app now at the App Store or the Google Play Store. You won't regret it! #MySmart

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Outfit details:

Bomber Jacket: Forever21
Shirt: Topman
Skinny Jeans: Topman
Boots: Palladium Boots
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Necklace: Forever21
Sunnies: Sunnies
Fedora Hat: Forever21